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All tuition that requires physical interaction has been suspended due to the COVID-19 measures which the government has rolled out in April 2020. Since then many Junior College (JC) students have been coming to us to enquire about our Online Tuition Services. We understand the urgency and the worries from our JC students.

If you are also keen in signing up with a Online Tuition in Singapore, why not join our JC Online Tuition at the safety and comfort of your home? 

Hundreds of other JC students have already sign up with us. You can also sign up for your first Online Tuition with us too!  

Learning never stops - Online tuition
JC Tuition - Online learning

How Online Tuition Lessons
are Conducted:

  • Weekly 1.5/2 hr revision sessions with clear explanations, live demonstrations and numerous real-life case studies.
  • Weekly video 1-to-1 consultations for you to clear all your personal doubts which can be arranged at your convenience.
  • Unlimited whatsapp consultations to clear the niggling random doubts you have.
  • Literally hundreds of practice questions which are personalised to what you need, with solutions, and of course can be discussed during your private video consultations.
  • Full lectures and discussions on the practical exam.

Note: Our tutors for Chemistry, Economics and Physics may have a slightly different teaching methods for online classes. You are strongly encouraged to contact us directly for more details.

When You Sign Up for Our Online Tuition

  • Choose the sessions you want to attend
  • Once you have sign up but can't make it for your online tuition, simply contact your tutor in-charged and join another session
  • Our tutors will provide you a list of time slot for the upcoming online tuition schedule so that you can plan ahead.
  • All students are entitled to at least one 1-hr of private video consultation per week, slots are booked on a first come first serve basis.
  • If there are available slots, you can book as many private consultation sessions as you want, but priority will be given to students who have not had their private session for the week.
JC Student learning online

How is it like when you sign up with A Online Tuition in Singapore
Behind The SceneS Of Our Online Tuition

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*Note that the free trial lessons are available only for the first 10 students each month