JC PHYSICS Online Tuition In Singapore

Physics Online Tuition for Jc/ A level

Weekly 1.5 hour revision lectures

1. Indicate preferred slot upon signup

2. You will receive a 'Zoom' invite 5 minutes before class

3. If you cannot attend your regular session for the week, simply inform us via WhatsApp (91590453) at least 24 hours before the slot you want to attend, so we can send you the ‘zoom’ invite as required

Unlimited Digital Consultations

1. Send your burning doubts to the tutor and have them answered throughout the week

2. Please note that these queries should be conceptual or small parts of questions you can’t figure out.

3. Avoid sending huge chunks of questions on LMS, these will be advised by the tutor to be handled during your private consultation sessions

Practice set of questions provided

All students will have access to the full learning management system which covers all 19 topics. Answers will be provided in both written and video formats to aid you in your learning journey.

How is it like when you sign up with A Online Tuition in Singapore
Behind The SceneS Of Our Online Tuition

Performing experiments during online tuition

Group sessions for online tuition

Private sessions for online tuition

Unlimited Digital Consultations (Through Solutions on Demand Platform)

Tuition For JC1 & JC2 Online Physics Program:


JC1 H1/H2 ($398/4 WEEKS)

JC2 H1/H2 ($428/4 WEEKS)

  • Free Trial Class Available
  • 1.5 hours group tuition weekly
  • 0.5 hours 1 to 1 digital session weekly
  • Unlimited digital consultation with tutor throughout the week
  • Access to Learning Management System with test bank and answers
Things To Take Note:
  • If you cannot make it at your preferred slot, simply let us know on WhatsApp at 9159 0453 and you can join another session!
  • Check the revision schedule for the lessons and you can plan ahead!

Time Slots

Contact us directly for the latest time slots.

Gentle note: We can always make time to guide you if you need help. Kindly contact us directly to schedule other time slots

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Lessen Your Workload
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Lessen Your workload


*Note that the free trial lessons are available only for the first 10 students each month