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During our JC Economics Tuition lessons, students will learn that A Level Economics is a subject about production, consumption and transfer of wealth. 

Our economics tutor will make sure that students will get themselves ready prior to exams. Gradually, students will find A Level Economics less daunting. 

We are confident to say that we provide one of the best Economics Tuition in Singapore. Whether the student needs further clarification on any of the financial concepts or looking for an in-depth discussion to learn more about the Economics A Level Syllabus, we will cover them all.

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Best Econs Tutor - Ms Hazel

Meet Your Economics Tutor
Ms Hazel TAN

Ms Hazel graduated from the National University of Singapore with a  Bachelor of Arts in Economics major. She has close to 30 years of experience in teaching Economics.

Her research and marketing work experience with the Prime Minister’s Office, Australian High Commission, Singapore Institute of Management and Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (NUS) has equipped her with extensive economics and policies knowledge and insights. These are valuable classroom resources which she has been actively sharing with her students to enhance their learning journeys.

Ms Hazel is approachable, driven and task-oriented when it comes to ensuring her students achieve good grades. She often encourages open discussions and participation to promote interactive learning.

About GCE A Levels/ IB Economics
In the Words Of AN Economics Tutor in SiNgapore

With multiple changes being made to the Economics Syllabus, students have found it increasingly difficult to score the As and 7s (IB). The examiners are looking beyond students’ abilities to regurgitate content. The percentages of grades As and 7s remain relatively low as compared to many other subjects. 

Ms Hazel's Pedagogy:

  • Exam-focused

Despite many students finding A Level Economics to be an “interesting” subject, many struggle to get their desired grades as they do not know what examiners are after. The limited contact hours in classroom tutorials resulted in students’ lack of understanding of frameworks and marking schemes. Our lessons will equip students with clarity of various frameworks to ace their exams.

  • Economics come alive!

As a social science subject, the “science” component of the subject has led to students concluding that the subject is boring and irrelevant to the real world. Articles of economics related challenges and policies approaches of governments will be discussed to give students a first-hand experience of Economics of this challenging time.

Top 5 reasons why you should engage JC tuition singapore as your economics tutor

  • Your economics tutor already has built a proven track record with hundreds of successful case studies
  • Students will be taught by one of the most results-driven Economics tutor in Singapore
  • Our Economics tutor puts theory into practice
  • We provide private Economics Tutor for students that need laser focused attention
  • The Economics Tutor that is assigned to the student will use in-depth teaching approach so that the Economics Syllabus can be easily understood.

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Our A Level Economics Tuition

We are extremely confident in guiding students that are struggling with H1 and H2 Economics Syllabus and those that simply have no idea what’s going on with the Economics A Level Syllabus. For every student that join our A Level Economics tuition, their economics tutor will always find a way to simplify tough questions so as to remove their fear from the A Level Economics subject. Sign up for our A Level Economics tuition now as comprehending graphs and determining opportunity costs will become a lot easier to solve.

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A Level Economics Tuition Singapore
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80% confident in Economics A Level Syllabus, Students that want to be the best

If the Economics A Level Syllabus is too simple for you, try the questions set by your economics tutor. You will definitely face challenges and your limits will certainly be tested. The more difficult questions you can solve, the easier for you to master and ace the Economics A Level Syllabus.

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70% confident in Economics A Level Syllabus, Students that need more sharpening in their knowledge

From complicated graphs to analyzing numbers, make all  the numbers add up to success with one of the best Economics tutor in Singapore. Whether you need practice in Macroeconomics or Microeconomics, our economics tutor will polish and sharpen your understanding of the principles and make sure you are able to apply the concepts in an examination setting.

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60% confident in Economics A Level Syllabus, Students that need more guidance to strengthen their foundation in Economics

Most Economics Tuition in Singapore will only go through A Level Economics assignments with students. At our JC Economics Tuition, our economics tutors will identify areas of weaknesses for every student. We will make sure that our students’ grades climb upwards and students will have more confidence to take their Economics examinations. 

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50% confident in Economics A Level Syllabus, Students that understand the basic of Economics but don't know how to apply them

We will cover popular questions from H1 or H2 Economics Syllabus 2017 to 2020 so that you can have a consistent and continuous practice to better understand the principles. As the economics tutor rebuilds the student’s knowledge and correct misconceptions, the A Level Economics will become clearer and easier to understand. 

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40% (or lower) confident in Economics A Level Syllabus, Students that truly need extra help from a dedicated economics tutor

Ever find yourself typing in “Economics Tuition Singapore” to look for help? Most students struggle in their H1 or H2 Economics Syllabus because their foundation in H1 or H2 Economics Syllabus is weak. The A Level Economics has many facets that require a deep understanding in order to fully understand the more complex principles. Whether you are looking for H1 economics tuition or H2 Economics Tuition, we have the most results driven Economics Tutor in Singapore to help you grasp the basic principles of economics.

Econs Tuition Singapore
Program Information

JC1 H1/H2 Economics Tuition

What To Expect:

  • Lively and concise delivery of content for students who are struggling with basic concepts 
  • Systematic training on how to answer questions within the stipulated time 
  • Applications of economics theories to current economics issues and challenges

Join our JC1 H2 Economics Tuition Classes!

Economics Private Lessons

We provide the following Economics lessons:

  • A Level Economics (H1 or H2)
  • IB Economics (SL or HL)
  • IGCSE Economics
  • International A Levels Economics

Suitable For Students That Requires:

  • More flexibility to plan their schedules.
  • Individualised attention

Ms Hazel will be conducting all private economics lessons. She will spend time to understand the student’s weaknesses, area of improvement and discuss with the student to curate lessons plan that will best help him/ her achieve their goals.

Additionally, we strongly encourage our students to learn with a couple of their friends with similar difficulties. In a small group setting of no more than four students, it is possible to strike a good balance between customised learning, and engaging with others in meaningful discussion!

Our Face-to-Face Group Lessons for Economics:

All lessons are conducted at The Bayshore (26 Bayshore Rd, Singapore 469972)

11:30am – 1:30pm

4pm – 6pm

Rates are at $150 per person per session.

All fees are paid on a monthly basis and payments (for the number of lessons conducted during that month) are to be made on the end of each month. An initial deposit of 4 lessons will be collected upon registration.

Setting Your Private Economics Lesson Schedule:

We will discuss and fix the schedule for your private classes upon registration! You do not have to worry if there are no time slot available as we will definitely be able to find a slot for you and your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions About JC Economics Tuition in Singapore

The Economics syllabus covers primarily 2 key components:

  1. Microeconomics
  2. Macroeconomics (with 2 key sections of Macroeconomics aims and policies ;
    International economics)

Apart from scope of topics covered, the key distinction is the skills set required. H1 candidates will be able to master case analysis skills as questions are all extract-based, whilst H2 candidates will be trained in essays frameworks in addition to case analysis skills. 

The Economics A-levels syllabus has undergone multiple changes over the years. Content, materials and answering techniques imparted to students are constantly being updated to equip students with the best advantage so as to acquire the best results. 

Students who have been struggling with the subject will certainly benefit from our lessons. However, we have also observed that many students who are above 70 percentile of cohort ranking are signing up for tuition. This is not a surprising trend as good candidates continue to find that distinction elusive.  This is one of the few subjects that even top ranking JCs continue to see a relatively low percentage of students scoring distinctions. 

Certainly. We believe that we are students’ best supplementary support to their mainstream education. 

Students can contact the tutor at any time of the day.

Materials will be provided so writing materials will suffice. Most importantly, bring your enthusiasm and keep an open mind. 

We offer both face-to-face and online lessons. We are also able to conduct lessons at your place. 

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