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Need an expert to guide you through your A Level Physics? We understand that when dealing with the A Level Physics Syllabus, it can be challenging especially during your freshman year. Whether you want to get a head start, improve your grades or stretch your capabilities, we will guide you towards success when you sign up for our JC Physics Tuition lessons. Check with our tutors for any burning questions you have. Claim your first FREE Trial JC Physics Tuition now!

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Meet Your Physics Tutor
Alwyn Leow

Alwyn Leow graduated from NUS with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Business Administration. Having worked in finance, engineering, IT and even in space-tech, Alwyn has brought a broad range of experience and expertise into his lessons. Formerly from HCI, Alwyn has been teaching physics for more than 12 years, and has found his passion in education. The lasting relationships and bonds he has built with his students is what drives him to continue to do his best to impact the lives of everyone he coaches. His excellence in the subject matter has resulted in renowned education publisher Marshall Cavendish, hand-picking him to author the comprehensive A-Level Revision Guide- “Physics in Minutes”. 

Phyinminutes Free

A-level revision guide:
physics in minutes by alwyn leow

  • Concept Checklists
  • Definition and Formula Lists
  • Summarising the Key Concepts
  • Colourful, Not Wordy, Pictures and Diagrams
  • Test Yourself Questions with Full Solutions

Why You Should Register For
Our A Level Physics Tuition

You might have heard of how Physics is the mother of all sciences. If you are able to master Physics, you would probably find other sciences and Mathematics to be more manageable. Junior College (JC) Physics is about problem solving, a skill that everyone needs on a daily basis and a skill that you can apply to the real world even after graduation like fixing simple mechanical & electrical problems at home.

When you attend our A Level Physics Tuition, we address some of the most challenging problems you can find in the A Level Physics Syllabus. Our accredited tutor will guide students to unlock the puzzle in Physics, prepare them for A Level Physics examinations and help them grow in confidence. 

A Level PhysicS Tuition Singapore
Pushing You To The Fullest Potential

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80% confident in A Level Physics Syllabus, Students that are aiming to score high

Our goal is to stretch the capabilities of our students while making learning of A Level Physics enjoyable and inspirational. Students will be tasked to solve challenging questions while we push them to their limits. The A Level Physics Syllabus will become easier as we will ensure that students can answer all questions and reach their fullest potential before the end of their JC Physics Tuition session.

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70% confident in A Level Physics Syllabus, Students that needs more clarity

Dive deeper into the A Level Physics Syllabus each time you attend our JC Physics Tuition. We will carefully assess each student’s knowledge in Physics and sharpen their problem solving skills.  Working through tougher questions, using smarter examinations techniques and constantly building every student’s confidence, we strive to maximise every student’s performance in exams.

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60% confident in A Level Physics Syllabus, Students that needs more motivation

Unlike other A Level Physics Tuition in Singapore, our focus is to strengthen the understanding of Physics and the skills that students have already developed in school. At the same time, we will gradually introduce more new concepts and teach them how to apply them in questions. We want to remove the fear of attending A Level Physics Tuition in Singapore, which many students have, and help them ease through the exam period.

Get grade D for your results - 04

50% confident in A Level Physics Syllabus, Students that only understand the most basic Physics foundation

Challenging questions will become simpler and simpler when students start to grab hold of the fundamentals on how Physics works. We want to rebuild their knowledge in Physics and correct the misconceptions that they might have. Overtime, students will have a clearer and better understanding of the A Level Physics Syllabus.

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40% (or lower) confident in A Level Physics Syllabus, Students that find Physics complicated

Students that find the A Level Physics Syllabus extremely daunting should attend JC Physics Tuition in Singapore and quickly eliminate the fear as soon as possible. No matter which area you need help with, we will go through the basics all over again. Some of the topics we will re-cover include: quantum phenomena, mechanics, gravitation, electric fields, nuclear energy, and more. We will break down the concepts and explain in a way that will make the topic seem far easier to understand.

A Level PhysicS Tuition Singapore
Program Information

JC1 H1/H2 Physics Tuition Program

What To Expect:

  • Free Trial Class Available
  • 1.5 hours group tuition weekly
  • 0.5 hours 1 to 1 digital session weekly
  • Unlimited digital consultation with tutor throughout the week
  • Access to Learning Management System with test bank and answers
  • Online options available

Covering H1/H2 Physics Syllabus 2021
Lesson Schedule for JC1 H1/H2 Physics

Join our JC1 H1/H2 Physics Tuition Programme!

  • Thursday 4pm – 530pm
  • Saturday 4pm – 530pm

JC2 H1/H2 Physics Tuition PROGRAM

What To Expect:

  • Free Trial Class Available
  • 1.5 hours group tuition weekly
  • 0.5 hours 1 to 1 digital session weekly
  • Unlimited digital consultation with tutor throughout the week
  • Access to Learning Management System with test bank and answers
  • Online options available

Covering H1/H2 Physics Syllabus 2021
Lesson Schedule for JC2 H1/H2 Physics

Join our JC2 H1/H2 Physics Tuition Programme!

  • Thursday 530pm – 7pm
  • Thursday 715pm – 845pm
  • Saturday 2pm – 330pm


What To Expect:

  • Up to 8 students in a class
  • A total of 35 x 2hr sessions are conducted throughout the year
  • Fees are SGD 50 / hr
  • Free Trial Class Available
  • Conducive Study Space Available (Katong Area Only)
  • Unlimited Consultations (In Person or Online)
  • Unlimited Practice Available + Free Revision Guidebook
  • Refreshments Provided

Covering H1/ H2 Physics Syllabus for 2017 to 2020
Lesson Schedule for JC2 H2 Physics (9749)

Are you looking for A Level Physics Tuition in Singapore? We cover H2 Physics Syllabus from 2017 to 2020 to boost the success of your results.

Join our JC2 H2 Physics Tuition Classes!

  • Thursday 700pm – 900pm
  • Saturday 400pm – 600pm 
  • Sunday 400pm – 600pm
  • Saturday 100pm – 300pm, Katong Location
  • Tuesday 700pm – 900pm, Bukit Timah Location

JC TUITION Physics Private Lessons

We provide the following Private Physics lessons:

  • O Level Physics (Pure or Combined)
  • A Level Physics (H1 or H2)
  • IB Physics (SL or HL)
  • IGCSE Physics
  • International A Levels Physics (AQA, Edexcel)

Suitable For:

  • More flexibility in your schedule
  • More individual attention

Can be done individually or as small groups with custom designed lesson plans

All private lessons come with 1hr weekly video consultations and unlimited whatsapp consultations (for small queries)

Alwyn will be conducting all private physics lessons. He will spend time to understand the student’s weaknesses, area of improvement and discuss with the student to curate lessons plan that will best help him/ her achieve their goals.

On the other hand, we strong encourage our students to learn with a couple of their friends with similar difficulties. In a small group setting of no more than four students, it is possible to strike a good balance between customised learning, and engaging with others in meaningful discussion!

Setting Your Private Physics Lesson Schedule:

We will discuss and fix the schedule for your private classes upon registration! You do not have to worry if there are no time slot available as we will definitely be able to find a slot for you and your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions About JC Physics Tuition in Singapore

The H1 syllabus is equally as challenging as the H2 syllabus, but it is truncated. Several large topics such as Superposition and Quantum physics are removed, making it more manageable in terms of content.
In addition, the H1 syllabus lacks the practical exam component.
We generally would not recommend taking physics as a H1 subject, as physics is not very content heavy. Therefore there is little advantage in having a truncated syllabus.
The technical skills required to solve H1 and H2 problems are similar, so if you feel you are weak at physics, we would advise not taking the subject at all, versus taking H1 physics.

We do a syllabus review every year to ensure that everything that we teach is aligned with the latest syllabus.

Our program is designed to give each student a high degree of flexibility to only attend the lessons they need, at their convenience, and to be given the individualised attention they require. 

Absolutely! Physics is a difficult subject and requires detailed and coherent explanations by experienced teachers to help you grasp the concepts.
We provide ample amounts of real-life examples and real-life demonstrations which help you to relate everyday occurrences with the principles you learn in physics!
On top of that, we have a strong emphasis on PRACTICE, and trust me, in physics, PRACTICE is the key. We provide a boundless resource of curated practice material for you to master the subject.

It is definitely recommended for students who are weak in the subject. We are very confident that we can pull your grades up and help you to build an affinity for the subject.
Having said that, students who are strong in physics also stand to benefit from our sessions. Do not forget that we have a high degree of personalisation in our course. Advanced students can focus on more challenging problems, or even venture beyond the limits of your syllabus. We have covered many exciting topics with our students including Astrophysics, particle physics, relativity and even quantitative finance!

We accept payments through bank transfers, or through mobile payment apps such as Paynow, Paylah etc.

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